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If you have a website but it's not showing up in search engines when you look for your product or service, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.


People searching online choose a website from the first page of search engine results 90% of the time, and in most cases websites that are in the top five results (the higher the better). Our search engine optimization services can help you get there.


How can your website bring in more customers?


There are two important components to websites creating more customers and sales - increasing the number of visitors to your website (through search engine and internet marketing techniques) and having the right information presented effectively on your website to encourage the customers you want to contact you or purchase online. You may be getting a lot more visitors to your website but if they aren't converting into sales then there's something turning people off when they get to your website, or they aren't finding what they're looking for, or you are attracting the wrong kind of visitors through your Internet marketing. Website statistics give you vital data about your visitors - data you can use to your advantage. Detailed reports tell you everything from how many people visit your website, what keywords they used to find it, where visitors are from, how many pages they visit, and much more. By analyzing this data, we can make adjustments to your website so that more visitors find your website in search engines and to convert more visitors into sales.


Search Engine Marketing MYTH's


There are two major myths when it comes to search engine marketing - that it's easy to do, and that every website is already optimized for search engines. Often people think that if you put a few keywords into your website that you will show up in search engines. It takes a lot more time and effort than that. It can include many marketing techniques - link building, social networking, affiliate marketing, blogging, email marketing, brand management, and ensuring keywords are used in the right places throughout your website. It is different for every business depending on what you offer, your market, how long your business and website have been around, etc. It also takes time to increase your search placement - you don't do a few things to your website then suddenly show up in the top spot. It takes doing a number of things on a regular basis to increase and then maintain your placement.


Is there a guarantee to reaching the top 10 or the very top spot?


There is absolutely no guarantee your website will rank #1. If anyone tells you that be very careful as it's untrue. There are millions of websites on the Internet and no one controls them all. In fact, you can't control anyone else's other than your own. What we can guarantee is that if you utilize search engine optimization and internet marketing techniques that your website will perform better and you will receive more visitors. We also guarantee we will work hard to get your website into the top positions by applying our knowledge, experience, and utilizing all the tools available. See case studies below.



All of our website development includes basic search engine optimization. If you already have a website, we offer a SEO package to increase visitors to your website.


SEO Search Engine Optimization


Monthly SEO Service For Business Growth




Website SEO Case Study


Why Is It Important? - Case Studies Of Current Clients


The difference between having your website work for you or leaving it sit dormant is sunstantial. None of the following clients were showing up in search engines before we started working with them.


Ducks Fashion Search Engine Optimization Calgary

Women's Clothing

One of our client's has three boutique women's clothing stores in Calgary. They signed up for monthly SEO package after we did a search and found out there were an average of 1,335 searches in Google per month in Calgary for the top ten keywords related to women's clothing and their website wasn't showing up in the results. That was a lot of potential customers they were missing out on. Within three months of search engine optimization they were showing up within the top 10 results and they now have 14 keywords in 1st position, 21 in the top 3 positions, 23 in the top 5 positions and 31 in the top 10. Their unique visits have almost tripled from 370 visits to over 1200 per month (Over 300% increase). As shown in the picture for the highest searched keyword they are second only to a large chain of clothing stores.



Ducks Fashion Search Engine Optimization Calgary


Mailing Services

Another client has a mailing service and direct mail shop in Calgary. Since we have been working with them their number of unique visits per month has grown about 450% and the number of visitors they receive through search engines has grown 750% in a year and a half. They have 7 keywords in the top position in Google, 10 keywords in the top 3, 11 in the top 5 and 20 in the top 10. For the highest search keyword for their industry and city, the image to the left shows they hold the top two positions.





Ducks Fashion Search Engine Optimization Calgary


Interior Designer

In this competitive market, this client now receives triple the amount of unique visitors per month to her website and visits through search engines has increased from 50% to 86%. Her website is in 1st position in Google for 2 keywords; 9 keywords are in the top 3; 19 keywords are in the top 5 and 22 keywords are in the top 10. This month she commented:


"Having Leah take care of doing the SEO for our site was such a great decision. I don't have to worry about it and each month the number of visitors to our website continues to rise along with inquiries to our business. A definite value! "




Ducks Fashion Search Engine Optimization Calgary



Organic Fertilizer

One of our clients manufactures and sells organic fertilizer in BC, Canada and across North America. From when they started doing SEO a year ago they went from having almost no visitors to 341 unique visits per month. They also now receive 75% of their visitors from search engines and 76% of the visitors are new to their website. This last month they had 88 people go to their contact page to find out how to reach them. They have expanded their business and we are now targeting a new product line.





Ducks Fashion Search Engine Optimization Calgary

Home Renovation

We have only been working with this company since January 2011 and in the first four months the number of visitors from search engines has grown from 35% to 60% and they now have 8 keywords that show up within the top 10 in Google (1 in first position, 2 in the top 3). Just this month they sent us a letter saying:

"Our team here is extremely happy with all of the work that Leah has done (and is still doing) for us. Since Leah provided suggestions on how we could improve our website, implemented the changes, and has been providing search engine optimization, we notice more customers calling and coming into our showroom by knowing who we are via the Internet. Thank you!"




How To Get Started


Millions of people search for products and services on the Internet, growing more every day. By utilizing proper search engine optimization techniques you can reach more customers and spend less on other advertising sources, saving you money! Let your website work for you with our help.


Our search engine packages start at $150/month depending on your requirements and the size of your website. Starting at less than $5 per day you can be sure more potential customers will find your website by utilizing this service. A full year is less than the cost of one full-page advertisement in most publications. Call us at 250-558-0350 or 1-877-311-2787 for more information.


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Website SEO Case Study


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"There is no such thing as a perfect website, there is only ... change. Do not expect to ever reach the final version of your site. You want people to buy? Keep trying things and measuring the results."
- Jim Stern, Target Marketing

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